Edo-Tokyo Style
Brilliant flowers break forth in the nightsky.
Twinkle then disappear fireworks,a poetry of fire or a feast of fire,momentarily drawing a fantasy of flowers in the night sky.
Loved by young and old,they have come to symbolize the warm festive nights of summer.
Dreams come to life in Marutamaya fireworks.
Marutamaya started building its pyrotechnic world in the 17th century.
By the early 18th century, fireworks were first being used for entertainment.
Fireworks gained enormous popularity in the subsequent years of Japan's Edo era.
During those years, the Ogatsu family made fireworks which were praised for their excellence.
It was this experience which was the fountion for the createtion of Marutamaya.
Marutamaya is now a world leader in Fireworks. At our Ibaraki and Yamanashi factories,
skilled pyrotechnicians use a combination of modern and centuries-old techniques to
hand-craft each fireworks. The world's fireworks users recognize our high standards of quality and safety.
Tradition of "Edo", and innovation of "Tokyo", Spirit of the combined two "Edo-Tokyo style",
we are also committed to the production of fireworks that remain in the impression of everybody future.

If you are interested in a fireworks display or any outdoor event,
Please give us the following information.
1. Location 2. Date and Time 3. Purpose
4. Scale and Content 5. Outline budget 6. Other hope matters
As soon as we receive the above information from you,
We will arrange the best program and submit our proposal to you.
Trusting you will be satisfied, not only with the quality of our fireworks,
But with exciting effects of ours, with our matchless expertise with fireworks display
which are extremely different from any you have ever seen bifore.
in Japan


Photo Gallery
Sumida River Fireworks Festival / Sumida Taito,Tokyo
Cinema town Chofu "Summer" Fireworks 2015/ Chofu,Tokyo
Kawasaki Tamagawa Fireworks / Kawasaki,Kanagawa
Ryukyu-Kaiensai / Ginowan,Okinawa
Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks / Minato,Tokyo
Marutamaya has started manufacturing its ornamental fireworks
since the end of Edo era. Its techniques were praised for excellence and
have been handed down from generation to generation. In the first year
of Ganji (1864), Shimagoro founded and named his shop "Marutamaya".
Since then, Marutamaya has started both manufacturing and selling firework
As the eras changed from Meiji to Taisho Showa Heisei, Marutamaya
also spread its business scale. As soon as the war ended it went into trading
and exported Japanese fireworks. As a result, it grew to become known as
the best fireworks company in Japan.
In 1947, Marutamaya displayed its fireworks in front of the Imperial
Palace's open space on the promulgation of the new Constitution.
This was the first great fireworks display after the war. Moreover, in the
same year it got exclusive permission from the GHQ(General Headquarters,
the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, and was allowed).
to display traditional fireworks of Ryogoku Opening River Meet.
With their excellent techniques, Marutamaya succeeded in making the base
for reviving fireworks in Japan.
Then afterwards, it introduced Japanese fireworks to the world
and received higher recognition than any other traditional crafts in Japan.
And in 1952, it formally reorganized as a company.
Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd. Head Office
Address:1-35-35 Oshitate,Fuchu,Tokyo 183-0012
Founded:1864 Founded, 1952 July 25 Reorganized
Business Hours:weekday: 8:30 to 18:00(Japan Standard Time)
Closed: Sunday and holiday (September to April is closed on Saturdays)

Ibaraki Plant
Address:2172-99 Fukuda, Shimotsuma, Ibaraki 304-0027

Yamanashi Plant
Address:5034-2 Enzan Takemori, Koshu, Yamanashi 4040051

Toys fireworks store
Address:1830012 Fuchu, Tokyo Oshitate cho 1-35-35
*In the head office
Business Description
Manufacture, shell, import and export varieties of
aerial fireworks (daylight & night shells),
set fireworks, toy fireworks
Fireworks for theater, film and signals.
Main Customers
Government Offices, Tourist Associations,JETRO,
Executive Committee of Sumida River Fireworks,and others.
U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, France, England,
Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria,Spain, Belgium,
Australia, Malaysia,Taiwan, China,India, Egypt, Russia,
and others.
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